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Kent County

Immigration Bond for Our Neighbors' Defense

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Who We Are

Kent County I-BOND Fund (Immigrant Bond for Our Neighbors’ Defense) is an immigrant bond fund for people from Kent County, Michigan, facing detention on immigration-related charges.  Immigration-related bonds are usually set at $5000 or more, and $10,000 is the median amount in Michigan. Raising this much money is often extremely difficult or impossible for a detained person or their family. They lose jobs, income, and support while the bread-winner is behind bars. Our community-supported bond fund pays partial or full amounts of the bond needed to release immigrants to return to their jobs and spend time with their families before their court date, which is often a long time off. The bond does not simply postpone the inevitable. Data collected by national immigration bond funds shows that detainees released on bond have an astoundingly higher rate of successfully avoiding deportation; 68% win their case. When the case is over the money comes back to the fund. The Kent County I-BOND Fund was created in 2017 at the request of the affected community.

Who We Are: Who We Are
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